We call this fun-loving series with a sense of wit “talkative Jewelry”: the jewelry that strikes up conversations for you! Enjoying support from modern, independent women, each piece is created from a unique graphical point of view and a contemporary design brimming with charm.

Glorious nature of our designs
Jewelry designs in our original graphical style curved by our craftsmen
boast our pursuit toward originality of jewelry in any aspects.

Fine choice of jewels
Our designer goes overseas and selects all diamonds for
bridal rings and jewel stones for limited pieces.
We use, for our seasonal collection, jewel in a talkative original cut made
by the top-classed craftsmen in Japan.
We create, with our vision toward a good quality and
beauty in an unique style,
our works with our dignity and playful mind.

And, collaboration between our customers and us.


High jewelry, made with Pt, K18/K10, silver 925 + K18 plated and (semi) precious stones.

-talkative Banquet
Costume jewelry collection with fashion-oriented essence, using brass + K18 plated, synthetic leather and SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS.

-talkative Bridal
talkative wedding collection including various engagement rings and wedding rings.


Shavel Co., Ltd.
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Representative:マロッタ 忍